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We just wanted to share the vision of authors we've admired with the world they helped create.  Since we began our digital publishing adventure, we’ve gone to Mars, survived an apocalypse, done intergalactic detective work…

Elleander Morning

We began 2013 in a world much like our own—with one notable exception.

Singularity & Co.'s latest rescued publication, Jerry Yulsman's daring, time-traveling alternate history Elleander Morning, is a hit with our subscribers. Join the conversation online and let us know what you think of his speculative take on a world where World War II never happened.


Also: Our celebrated, trailblazing digital publishing model gets even radder! With our next release of E.V. Odle’s The Clockwork Man, we’re announcing our partnership with HiLo Books, from the creators of We’re psyched for you to discover their unique trove of Radium Age SF rarities (AKA works predating the Golden Age), now in digital and 3-D format (AKA paper). 




See the next generation and join us this Thursday, February 7th at 7 PM at our Brooklyn mothership, 18 Bridge Street in DUMBO, for the exciting release of Broad Spectrum: The Broad Universe Fiction Sampler.

Next week, we're hosting the fantastical worlds of novelist Peter V. Brett's newest work, The Daylight War, on Tuesday, February 12th at 7 PM. 

Celebrate or perish!

We've hosted book signings and appearances from acclaimed authors, writers and poets like Lois McMaster Bujold, Lev Grossman and Stephen Burt in our shop. Reach out to us on our website and let us know if you want to see someone in the flesh.

We love them in person, paper and more: In partnership with scifi and fantasy publisher Tor, we’ve had our wildly popular “I, Reader” nights bring vintage pulp buffs to Brooklyn to have a drink and hear the words on the page like never before. Check out special guest readers and themes throughout the year on our website and join us soon. (We even had flashlights under our chin for a Halloween horror special.)

There’s nowhere else in the universe to find events like our scifi-themed wine tasting nights! We love our neighbors, so we got local wine and spirits shop Blanc & Rouge as our preferred partner for potent potables. Check out the wine label here—it’s French slang for a flying saucer.

Screenings add another dimension to what's on our shelves.

Come to our DUMBO digs for daily doses of classics and kitsch flicks and viewings for cutting-edge films like C, a space thriller with special effects created entirely CGI-free!

Check out the trailer for C here, see coverage on io9 and visit the shop to see the spaceship model here in the chrome.

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