C. L. Moore

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Singularity&Co. Books by C. L. Moore:
C. L. Moore

A collection of five classic C. L. Moore novellas set in four different worlds, Judgment Night  is Golden Age scifi at its best.  

A masterful tale of espionage and romance set against the totalitarian backdrop of post-apocalyptic America.

Moore's perennial classic collection of stories about the eponymous anti-hero, an interstellar outlaw,

making his way the best he can.

About C. L. Moore

Born Catherine Lucille Moore on January 24th, 1911, as a child Moore sustained a voracious appetite for literature of the fantastic – a treasured escape while suffering serial chronic illnesses. Having survived childhood, Moore went on to study literature at college, until the onset of the Great Depression forced her to abandon academia and search for work. Hired as a secretary by the Fletcher Trust Company of Indianapolis, by night Moore began writing sci fi and fantasy genre stories. After publishing pieces in several pulp magazines, including two notable series – Northwest Smith and Jirel of Joiry – in Weird Tales, Moore was on her way to becoming one the most sought after authors in the genre.

Despite being one of the first women to successfully write in the genre, most of Moore's readers nevertheless assumed she was a man. This included her first husband, fellow author Henry Kuttner, who addressed an early fan letter to "Mr. Moore." Whatever Moore thought about gender and genre writing, it didn't phase her – Moore enjoyed decades of success and continued acclaim throughout her career.